FAQ – Mosaic Lettering

What are the different types of mosaic?

  • Glass tile mosaic
  • Porcelain tile mosaic
  • Natural stone mosaic

How do I install my mosaic?

Our mosaics come pre-assembled on mesh sheets for easy installation. Follow these steps:

Lay out mesh sheets in order based on numbering

Apply thinset adhesive to tile backing

Press sheets into adhesive

Tap sheets with trowel to ensure contact

Grout between tiles

Can I get a design mockup first?

Yes, we provide a free digital mockup of your custom design prior to production. This allows you to preview and request revisions.

What are your shipping costs and timeframes?

Standard international shipping is free. It takes around 5 to 8 weeks to arrive after ordering.If you wish to get it sooner, feel free to opt for expedited shipping and it will reach you in 4 weeks.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer free standard shipping to destinations worldwide.

Are tiles suitable for outdoor use?

Our tiles are UV resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Sealing is recommended for outdoor installations.

Is the design and size customizable?

Yes, we create each mosaic project completely custom according to our clients' unique specifications. Whether you need a certain size, layout, materials, or personalization - we can design and produce it to your exact requirements. Just talk to us about your vision and we'll make it happen!

Will you install my mosaic?

We only provide the mosaic tiles - customers are responsible for hiring any installation labor needed.

What maintenance is required?

Mosaics require little maintenance. Simply sweep or wipe clean with water. Sealing is recommended for outdoor surfaces.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, all products are covered by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Replacement tiles are included to address any shipping damage.

How are the tiles packaged?

Tiles are mounted on mesh backing and packed safely within sturdy cardboard shipping boxes according to design layout for protection.

What type of mosaic is suitable for heavy-traffic spaces?

Ceramic and glass-backed stone tile mosaics hold up best to foot traffic and wear-and-tear. Their durable compositions can withstand high-traffic areas like entryways and commercial floors.

Do you offer installation services?

We do not offer in-house installation services. However, we can refer recommended tile installation contractors if you need professional help installing your custom mosaic project. Please inquire for installer referrals in your local area.

What adhesive should I use?

We recommend using a latex-modified thinset mortar for installing mosaics both indoors and out. It provides excellent bond strength.

How much grout coverage is needed?

Apply grout over the entire mosaic surface, forcing it deep into the joints with a rubber grout float. Wipe excess from tile surfaces before it dries.

How do I grout?

See our installation guide for step-by-step grouting instructions. In summary: mix grout, apply firmly into joints, allow to haze, wipe clean, then seal if desired.

What grout color works best?

Lighter grout colors usually complement mosaic designs best by not overpowering the tiles. Grey, beige and white are top choices.

Can the design be customized?

Yes, we offer fully custom designs to suit your needs and space. Contact us to discuss design options and modifications.

What adhesive should I use for outdoor installations?

For durability, use a waterproof, 100% silicone adhesive rated for outdoor use below grade or in areas exposed to water.

How do I care for outdoor mosaic?

Periodically sweep or power wash to remove dirt. Reapply a penetrating sealer every 1-2 years to protect against stains and moisture damage.

What size projects do you work on?

We have created mosaics for floors, walls, backsplashes, fountains and more in all sizes - from small accents to large interior/exterior features.

Is sample mosaic available?

Yes, we have small sample mosaics available to view different materials, styles and applications. Please contact us and we'll happily provide a sample for you to check in person.

Any other questions?

Please contact us at info@mosaiclettering.com and we'll be happy to assist further!